Bmw of north america dream it build it drive it

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Thunderbird Case

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The BMW Genius App is the all-new way to learn about your BMW on your tablet and smart phone.

Thunderbird Case

This app provides you with how-to videos about key features and functionalities, as well as model specific product information. The leading high-end auto maker in the USA, BMW, implemented a brand new advertising initiative predicated on its online video services planned to increase sales of customized vehicles.

Before the debut of the "Dream It. Build It. Drive It.” Application, BMW's SUV sales in America were in decline, and the scenario required an instant management.

Build Your Own. Certified Pre-Owned Sales Event. Take advantage of special financing for a limited time. Learn More. Build; Special Offers; All Vehicles; Find a Dealer; MERCEDES ME CONNECT. Fun to drive. A pleasure to own. With every new Mercedes-Benz, owners will enjoy complimentary connected vehicle services like Remote Start.

Case Study: BMW of North America: Dream It. Build It. Drive It. Brief Description: Set inthis case describes how BMW, the leading luxury car manufacturer in the U.S., successfully implemented a new marketing initiative based on its online video services and increased sales of customized vehicles.

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Customize your own luxury car to fit your needs. Build and price a luxury sedan, SUV, convertible, and more with BMW's car customizer.

Bmw of north america dream it build it drive it
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